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The Newest Update

So I recently updated my app, but it erased all of my messages in doing so...? Please fix!! Even the ones I hearted are gone!


I’m SO tired of the app sending me 10 messages at once all telling me about a hack to see who sent what. shut the hell up already 😒


Where is the link?



Could Be Better

I’m new to Sarahah, but it seems like my app isn’t working correctly cause a few moments ago I was having issues logging in to my account, and my message feed is not refreshing which is really bad for my first time trying it. I hope this bug gets addressed...


People can be mean and say whatever they want on it but it's aight ig

Everything is fine, but

Everything is working just except I can’t save the messages I receive to my photo album; the crashes every time I try to save messages. I hope this gets fixed soon.


You're app is not working it keeps sending me "something is wrong" and I keep click try again repeatedly and it's not working. And I just now got this app to try it out and so far I'm not liking how it's starting for me.. this app also doesn’t let me log into my own account when it do be working...

مشاكل 🔴

١- ما يطلع الإشعارات رغم إني فاتحتها ٢- لما أبي أحفظ الصورة حقت أي رسالة يطلعني البرنامج و ما يحفظ ٣- يعلق


How do I copy and past the link


I’ve had this app forever, it’s had plenty of minor issues that have all seemed to go away. Until today I came across a rather unfortunate issue. I was getting notifications of messages being sent to me so I went to read them and it logs me out of the app. No big deal, right? So I just try and log back in and it tells me I have invalid log in information. Well I checked my username so I know that’s right, so maybe it’s the password ???? So I click the “I forgot my password” link and type in my email and it says the email sent. I go to check my email WOW NOTHINGS HERE. so I wait another 10 minutes , WOW STILL NOTHING. a half hour goes by AND THERES STILL NOTHING. it’s now been an hour and I’ve yet to receive an email or any help :) the same thing has happened to my friends and it’s been months since they’ve been able to log into their app. It just doesn’t work anymore for them.


I would like to see a feature where you can message each message individually so you can find out who is who a little bit easier without having to post the screenshot of the app on other social media’s bc I personally don’t like doing that but I think there should just be a little message thing we’re you can send a message to the message you’re receiving but like the person who sent a certain message gets that message from you and they can tell you who they are if they want. You know what I mean?

Number of Received Messages?

Ever since the app was updated to a entirely new look, the number of received comments can't be found anywhere, when it is usually under your username and profile picture. I can see it on the website, but not on the app. Please put this back, it's really useful to see how many comments I have received over time. Other than that, this app is great

It won’t let me set a password

When I tried to make my account it said an error occurred and I can’t set the password!!!

Wouldn’t let me log in

It logs me out all the time and when I go to log back in says incorrect. So when I try to reset password wouldn’t send email. Plus when I gave up all hope of my old account and tried to make a new account with a new email wouldn’t work no matter how many times I tried.

An error keeps occurring

I just downloaded this app but I can’t use it because it keeps telling me an error had occurred when I try to create an account. Please fix this

This app is terrible

Everytime I try to sign up it says “Oops an error occurred please try again later”


I tried to register but it keeps saying that an error occurred. Until I can register, I won’t give it anymore than two stars.

Please add this could be a grate addition

Please add a chat system we’re the person is still anonymous but you can talk to them normally, other then great app

The reason why...

The reason why I am not rating this is because I am not aloud to download it anymore. This is because you changed this app to being 17+ when all the people below cannot do this. It's not fair because if some families put restrictions on and then that member of the family cannot download it and they feel left out.

Sarahah won't let me put my password!!

All my friends have Sarahah so I got it. It won't let me put my password and it's annoying! ARGHHHHH!!

Please fix

I am trying to register and it keeps saying oops an error occurred please try again later 🙄🙄🙄can you please fix this


It said an error occurred when I tried to sign up but I restarted my phone and turned it off and deleted the app then got it again and it still won’t work... sadly

The app works great

I just wanna know whos in love w me

Can’t even make a f*cking account

Every time I try making an account it just says oops there was an error try again later. I even tried using different emails...

Please fix?

Whenever i try to make a password it just gives me the same error message over and over 😠

It's broken or it's stupid

It won't let me create a new account it keeps saying error occurred please try again later but I waited months and it never works your app is broken and it's acting stupid

Not working

I just downloaded this app and I can’t create my account


Won’t even let me set up an account says an error occurs EVERY TIME


It won’t let me make an account


This app has allowed teens to bully one another to the point of death. There is no reason that a teenager needs to be anonymous.

Won’t even let me create an account

Decided to give this app a try but it won’t even let me make an account when it gets to password and I submit it says error occurred please try later. Fix this.


I like the app a lot, but you should make it to where the person receiving the comments can reply, and they still won't be able to know who it is


It's a great app to admit stuff you normally wouldn't but when I updated the app it logged me out and now it won't let me reset my password. It keeps saying it's sending me an email but it never does.:/ I'd really prefer to keep the same account instead of make a new one!!!

Self esteem? Who needs it?

Nothing is worse than posting something on your story like this and nobody responding it really kills all self esteem and when people do respond it is either people trolling or some unwanted comments. I do not recommend this app if you want to be happy.

not letting me log in or rest my password

i know my username and i put my password in and it saying its wrong so i go to reset it with my email and it sends but then when i go to my email it’s not their

What do I do?

So, my inbox won’t load. Like, i know I have messages to view, because of my notifications, but my inbox won’t load!! Help?!?!


I keep logging in and "invalid credentials" keeps poppin up. I know my password is correct but it isn't working for some reason. And I keep trying to hang my password and it says something was sent to my email so I could change it but it won't work. I'm so angryyyy

Invalid Credentials

It was working amazingly and I love the concept but after I updated it, it logged me out. I tried logging in but it says invalid credentials. I clicked forgot password, entered my email, and it said check your email. I checked my email, nothing. I waited a while, still nothing. So to conclude, this is an amazing app but still needs some major improvements.

It’s A Waste Of Storage To Be Honest.

It Was Working Fine When I First Downloaded It, Then It Started Logging Me Out & Then I Had To Keep Changing My Password & It’s Starting To Irritate Me So I’m Deleting This App. You All Need To Make Some Bug Fixes Like ASAP.

It was good

Before the big update it was working good but now I don’t get all the messages


You need to be able to reply because if they ask a question you dont even have a clue who they are so you cant answer the question, there is literally no way you can text them back, you cant put it on a story or a post or anything, please fix this and I will change my rating to 5 stars and so will a lot of other people. Thank you.

No working

I logged in thin booooom it doesn’t work I open my account from a browser. Plssss fix this crashes


Lame, and no way to respond

Bullying Alert!

Many others I know, including myself, find this to be the newest way for cyber bullying. Since there's no way to figure out who sent the messages, you can't figure out who it is and the problem can't be stopped unless the user deletes their account. Aren't we supposed to stop bullying??? It can lead to so many harmful things such as suicide and drug abuse. More people will see this as an opportunity to bash other people instead of encouraging them. While this may have a good reason to be existent, it's also really harmful. Please take it down.

Replying to messages

Please make to where we are able to reply/communicate to people who leave comments

The people I work with bully me.

Hi, I work at a Walmart and my pals who I work with have been talking about this app. It sounded pretty fun and sweet, people giving each other nice and honest confessions. I decided to give it a go. I made an account and told everyone who I knew had the app my user and to confess if they wanted to. The first four were absolutely wonderful. It cheered me up. But then I started getting more confessions. They stopped being wonderful. They stopped cheering me up. These confessions were telling me I smelled like a diabetic foot that was left out in the sun for so long, vultures started to pick at said foot. Another one told me I could be the poster child on why condoms are important. It has come to the point where one day I walked into the bathroom, and someone printed all the confessions I have gotten and super glued them onto the mirror. Please think of what you're getting yourself into before downloading this app. My "pals" and even customers now call me smelly crotch Jonas. - Jonas


I wish you could reply to figure out who it is. (If the sender wanted to reveal themselves)

The app doesn’t work

Great idea but the app literally never works. I’ve never been on it once without having problems. It’s not even worth the headache


The app worked great for the first day, but after that the notifications quit working all together. I have to check the app in order to see if I have received anything new.

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